No other indie hip hop artist can bring the kind of show that 3-2 can bring.  Our team specializes in bringing coliseum style performances to smaller venues.  We bring lights and many other special effects so that we can make sure that everyone remembers the experience of your venue/event and our performance.  We are committed to a level of professionalism and entertainment that 95% of indie hip hop groups simply cannot afford.  We do all of this at a very reasonable expense to you.  We do not simply jump on stage with an entourage of people and "rap".  Our show contains many different elements of music and would easily stand apart from the shows that any indie artists and many major artists actually put together.  Our performance package is incredible!  Book 3-2 now and provide your patrons with an unforgettable evening of entertainment.     

Schools and other youth organizations that host an event will also have the opportunity to have a Teen Success Seminar at their school.  These seminars will consist of hot button topics such as bullying, academic success, proper decision making, and much more.  Contact us today to book your event.  

****The Section Below Is Intended For Promoters Of For-Profit Events****